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Hey Chambray!

Dress/Boots/Handbag @mhthrift $17
Necklace @ebay $29

Hey girls hey! Spring weather, well actually feels of Summer weather, is among us here in the South and I’m  L O V I N G it! I’m finally being able to wear dresses without leggings, like this fun vintage Chambray denim dress. Hey Chambray! I pinned this #KylieJenner look way back when and have been wanting to recreate it. So here’s my thrifted take on it! Such a fun, casual outfit and the Squash Blossom teal necklace was a super fun way to add some color pop! Are you ready for Spring? 🌷 xoxo-Lynsie

Side Note: Also L O V I N G my new balayage hair done by Bailey from Ceres Salon in Greenville, SC! Check her out! Bailey Did My Hair

Another Year, Another Vday!

Dress/Jacket/Shoes- @mhthrift {$20}

Welp, another year, another Vday aka another Holiday of Love! But honestly, let’s be real for a minute. If we really think about it, every day is Valentine’s Day.  Every day we are loved.  Matthew 3:17 says, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.“  Not only are we loved but He is well pleased with us! So this message goes out to all the singles out there. Don’t let Valentine’s Day make you feel like you aren’t loved. You are very loved, so much that God spoke this world and all of it’s beauty into existence and thought you were also important and beautiful enough to bring in it. Don’t let this one marked calendar day of the year bring you down. Every day you have someone to celebrate with. He is for you and He will never leave you nor forsake you. That alone is enough  to celebrate daily! Enjoy this season of singleness, because one day you might miss it! I don’t know how long your season has been, this might be your first Valentine’s Day “alone” or it might be your 3rd. But you go ahead and put on your best Valentine’s Day outfit and walk around proudly knowing that you are truly LOVED! xoxo Lynsie

“I am my lover’s, and my lover is mine. He browses among the lilies.” - Songs of Solomon 6:3

#MHThrift Winter LookbookChic Style 1- $13Chic Style 2-$16Preppy Style 1- $16Preppy Style 2- $19Hipster Style 1- $20Hipster Style 2- $18Bohemian Style 1- $56Bohemian Style 2- $21Hey Everyooooooone! So, it’s been a while since I last blogged....


#MHThrift Winter Lookbook

Chic Style 1- $13
Chic Style 2-$16
Preppy Style 1- $16
Preppy Style 2- $19
Hipster Style 1- $20
Hipster Style 2- $18
Bohemian Style 1- $56
Bohemian Style 2- $21

Hey Everyooooooone! So, it’s been a while since I last blogged. I kind of needed a break! But, I have to say it feels great to be back at it! So let me jump right into this super fun winter lookbook shoot that I did for @mhthrift!  I always have so much fun finding #SimilarStyles to popular looks the thrifted way! These pictures clearly speak for themselves. I mean, 8 great outfits for $179? Yes please! I wanted to mention that the Bohemian Style 1 was the most expensive. But, I also want point out that the leather jacket I am wearing is a REAL biker leather jacket that was priced at $45. If the highest item in your outfit is one that is A. Genuine Leather and B. A re-usable piece for any outfit then I think it’s money well spent! Which one of these looks is your favorite Winter Style? xoxo- Lynsie

To see the full #MHThrift Winter Lookbook video with full details on inspo pics CLICK HERE  


Woah, woah, woah! Look who FINALLY has a new thrift haul video up! Check out my latest thrift finds at @mhthrift! xoxo - Lynsie


Change Is Good! 

Sweatshirt- @targetstyle {$7}
Jeans- @targetstyle {$10
T-shirt/Flannel/Combat Boots- @mhthrift {$13.50}

The older I get the more I realize that change is good… really good! Whether it’s a season change, life change, style change, or even a hair color change. Embrace the change! Depending on the situation it isn’t always easy… and actually change can be really hard and sometimes it’s not your choice. But hang in there, it will get better! And if it’s a change you chose to make, then be confident about that change! Because… Change. Is. Good. 

With that said, I do not have more issues than vogue and I probably should’ve changed this sweatshirt to one that says something that is more true… but it was cold and it was comfy so this sweatshirt it was LOL!  Lately I’ve been loving a good oversized flannel tied around the waist. It’s so effortless and so fun. You should try it if you haven’t already! It will definitely be a repeat look for me this season! xoxo- Lynsie

Happy First Day of Fall!! 🍁 🍂

Kimono/Booties/Shorts: mhthrift {$15}
Hat: Forever 21 {$15}
Tank- Goodwill {$3}

📷: Curvy Girl On The Run

Fall is FINALLY here! I am so thankful for season changes. I don’t know about you, but halfway through the summer I was excited and ready for Fall! Slowly booties have made their way into each of my summer outfits,  including this one! If you live in a place where it stays warm for part of the Fall it’s hard to know what to wear to stay cool but still look seasonal. Girls, let me introduce you to long kimonos and booties. Get to know them well because they going to become your best friend! No, seriously! I’m OBSESSED! They make any Summer outfit look Fall! And what’s so awesome about the ones I’m wearing is that they were thrifted. So just know, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a transitional Fall look! 

And while we’re on the topic of season changes… I’m thankful for life season changes as much as I am for weather season changes! Some seasons you are just ready to get out of!  I just wanted you to know that there is a time for everything and whatever you are going through will only last for a season! Happy Fall!! 💋🍁 🍂xoxo- Lynsie 

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” - Ecclesiastes 3:1

POP! {Pop Of Pink} 

Dress- goodwill-goodies {$7}
Olive Vest- vintedusa {$12}
Pink Tassel- Purple Peridot {She’s an instafriend of mine! Check out site out!}

Soooooo, meet my instafriend sachakayee! {See first pic on the left. Follow her on instagram if you don’t already!} She was the inspo behind this ootd! Not only does she have amayyy style she is also one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! For reals, this girl straight up met me in NYC with a bag full of Victorias Secret stuff for my bday! {Side note: I’ve never shopped at VS. I feel so grown up now! 🙈}  But seriously obsessed with this look! Olive seems to be the big trend right now and I LOVE how nicely it pairs with stripes and a pop of pink. All must haves for transitioning into Fall this year! xoxo - Lynsie 

*Check out my hashtag #instafriendsStyleSteal on instagram to see a few other looks I’ve recreated! 


Tassels, Twinning, & Instafriends!

Dress- mhthrift {$10}
Wedges- mhthrift {$10}
Tassel Tote & Clutch- targetstyle {$36}
Tassel Necklace Set- Express {$21}

Happy Tassel Tuesday! If that’s not a thing it should be!  Did you know that tassels are totes my favorite accessory… like ever? I’m obsessed! I’m actually scared to show you a picture of my collection for fear of serious judgement, so I’ll pass for now on sharing one with you! But I did want to show you this amazing Target Tassel Tote & Clutch set that just so happened to match my Express tassels, like so PERF! And I loved the way they both went with my mhthrift Aztec blue and white dress It’s always fun to wear a pop of color with some basic colors! Throw on some fun wedges like my mhthrift wood bottomed ones, and you’re good to go! 

Annnnd what better way to wear tassels than with your new instafriend? You heard me, INSTA as in instagram friend. This girl! Sandae, the beautiful face & heart behind Curvy Girl On The Run… I had the privilege of meeting her at our Chicago iglbloggers meetup aka #chitownigmeetup {<– look it up on instagram! } And we are seriously the closest friends now. It’s amazing how God has you meet people in the craziest ways! But I am very thankful we connected, because if you can’t tell in these pictures we have a blast together! We decided to be twinsies with our Target clutches {which by the way Sandae helped find them for me in her state’s Target because mine were all sold out!} and pose for some cute pics together.  What you don’t see is the weird staring faces all  around us, but we didn’t care! Sometimes fun requires not caring what other people think… if you’re happy & you’re having fun DO YOU!! xoxo- Lynsie 

For more on Sandae’s look head over to her blog Curvy Girl On The Run!


3 Days 3 Ways LWN! 

Purple Slake Bracelet & Rose Gold 360 Double Stud Earrings- ShopLWN 
***Receive 10% off for mentioning my blog when you shop in-store or order over the phone!!

Outfit #1:
Skirt- Goodwill {$4}
Top/Shoes- mhthrift {$11}

Outfit #2:
Top- mhthrift {$3.50}
Jeans- targetstyle {$10}
Sunglasses- rue21 {$5}
Floral Headband- Claires {$6}
Floral Shoes- amazon {$30}
Gold Tote- mhthrift {$4}

Top/Shorts/Shoes- mhthrift {$20}
Handbag- Tory Burch from TutuFashions {Gifted}

L.W.N, which stands for Love it. Want it. Need it and can I tell you…I loved it, I wanted it, I needed it, so I got it! When I stopped into their store in Chicago I feel so in love with their jewelry… which leads me to the jewelry I  have in in this pics! I so Loved recreating similar styles to other people wearing similar jewelry! And can I just say that I am completely in LOVE with their 360 Rose Gold Double Stud earrings that I am wearing in my pics?They range in price from $22-$36 for the fashion styles depending on color and finish. They are inspired by similar styles to Dior’s double stud earring! Not to mention they are EVERYWHERE and so huge right now!  Then this awesome purple crystal wrap Slake bracelet, retailing for $36, but currently on promo for $28 (and will be for a while), they are comprised of a faux suede with austrian crystals and an adjustable rhinestone closure. Swarovski is selling a similar style for upwards of $70. So these are a GREAT way to get the look for less! I love a good brand that can help you get similar styles without paying a similar price! I’m ALLLLL about that! xoxo-  Lynsie

Red, White, & Blue! 

All Outfits & Props from mhthrift 
Country Boho Look: $45
1950′s Look: $10
Rocker Edgy Look: $20
Layered To Perfection Necklace & 18K Pave Link Bracelet : Shiny Mix
Blue Crystal Bracelet- Charming Charlie
Eagle Necklace: ebay
Floppy Hat: targetstyle

PC: wacavenue

I’ve always loved the American Flag…so I decided to travel through different styles with it’s colors! From Country Boho, to 1950′s, to Rocker Edgy! They may be 3 different styles, but they each still share the same message, “I’m Proud to be an American!” Thanks to wacavenue​ for capturing all 3 looks so beautifully.

Red, White, & Blue: “Red for courage and readiness to sacrifice; White for pure intentions and high ideals; and Blue for vigilance and justice.” 🇺🇸 Thankful to those who served & those who are still serving today!

xoxo- Lynsie

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Check out my major mhthrift Summer Style Thrift Haul!! xoxo- Lynsie


Summer Patterns! 

Stripes (Both Outfits)- Total $30
Tropical Hawaiian- $18
Giraffe- $15

Hello Sumer and your awesome patterns! Recently I styled our mhthrift Summer web commercial and I had sooooo much fun! Totally fell in love with all of these awesome patterns that inspired my looks! Can I just say that this is the first time that I did a  Similar Styles look with food? But it totes makes sense! Those stripes on those Summer popsicles were my inspo! There I said it. And who doesn’t love a good Tropical Hawaiian Summer print? And don’t forget, animal prints aren’t just fun for wearing in the Fall/Winter! How cauuuute is that Giraffe print dress? And of course I added a Coconut cross body to complete the look!  So now you need to hurry up and get your closet ready for Summer! Fill it with patterns on top of patterns on top of patterns… you catch my drift? xoxo- Lynsie

So Tropical!

Dress/Belt/Handbag- mhthrift {$16}
Wedges- poshmark {$15}
Sunglasses- ebay {$13}

Sorry for being MIA! I seriously need to get better at my blogging! 😁 Anywayyyys! With Summer being just a few weeks away it’s time to whip out some fun patterns like this Tropical dress that I’m currently obsessing over! Love, love, LOVE it! It’s so fun and makes me want to live somewhere tropical! Anyone else? 🌴 I highly recommend getting some Tropical patterns into your wardrobe for this Summer! You won’t regret it! Oh yea, and I highly recommend cutting your hair short and dying it the opposite of your natural!! 😏 xoxo- Lynsie

Feeling Boho In My Kimono!

FloralKimono- Just Jules {$28}
Skinny Jeans- Wal*Mart {$10}
Cognac Wedges- Poshmark {$15}
Giani Bini Satchel- Miracle Hill {$30} 
Necklace- Miracle Hill {$3}

I’m baaaaack! And what better way to come back than to talk about this amazing Just Jules Floral Kimono?! Um, obsessed! It’s currently sold out and I can see why! I’ve seriously already worn mine a few times already. Not to mention, it’s got me feelin’ boho! And guys, if you don’t follow her JustJules6 account on instagram you need to! She posts pics of amazing pieces found in her online store, like this kimono, and so much more! So far, I’ve also collected an amazing glitter watch from her and I’m currently looking at a few more things to purchase from her site! Super cute store y'all! Go check it out!  Annnnnnd, real quickly, can we also talk about how that Gianni Bini Satchel was a steal? I found one on Tradesy for $150.90! Um, hello? I will gladly pay $30 thank you! And just a side note, that necklace I’m wearing was actually two different necklaces! I took that horn off of another necklace and added it to that gold chain! I’m kinda digging the look of it. All found at Buy Qsymia​ of course! Oh mhthrift…you & your thrift stores never fail me! xoxo- Lynsie

Ps. See all that hair? Yea… I chopped it off! #ReadyForSummer


CHSFW- What I Saw! {Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant} 

All outfits were found at mh-thriftfashion!
Lynsie- {$17}  
Michael- {$11} 
Akeem- ($16}
Jessica- {$17} 
Liberty- {$9} 
Total for all: $70

Can  I just say how much I loved the clothes shown by Gywnn’s of Mount Pleasant? So much that I decided to recreate a few of them! And let me tell you, I had such a blast finding Similar Styles to their runway show. Every time I do something like this it makes happy that I can prove to the world that you can dress in similar styles without paying  a similar price! 

So, here are some awesome points that you should  know about the outfits that me & the models are wearing!  
Lynsie- My NWT {New With Tags} Worthington blazer was originally $60 & I got if for $13.
Michael- Michael’s navy blazer was on sale for $1! Yeah, you heard me…$1!
Akeem-  Akeem’s jeans are American Eagle brand & they were only $6!
Jessica- Jessica’s Romper was only $7!
Liberty- Liberty’s outfit was $4 a piece & her dress? Yeah, it’s actually an oversized skirt that I had her wear as a dress!

So, ladies & gentleman, if this post doesn’t turn you into a thrifter, I don’t know what will! Those are some amazing prices on similar runway designer looks! And all for a total of $70? YES PLEASE!!  xoxo- Lynsie

Ps. If you would like to see my whole interview with Jamarcus Gaston on Studio 62  CLICK HERE